Getting Fresh is an info-graphic I wrote for The Bold Italic that explores precisely what SF farmers markets have to offer. I should admit while cartoony in nature the information in this graphic lies close to my heart.


Looking back at my years in San Francisco, I realize I can mark my favorite moments in the city most easily by recalling what was
in my bike’s basket on Saturdays pedaling home from the Alemany Farmers’ Market. The contents could tell me about the time of
year I was shopping by the produce that was in season, what special occasion or holiday I was cooking for, and clues for who I was
sharing my meals with. The truth is, my weekly trips to Alemany and its vendors is the most constant element of my life in the city.
Since I doubt this fact is unique to me, I decided to look into what the other farmers’ markets in the city have to offer. After all my
investigating, I couldn’t help but wonder how my life might be different (at least food-wise) if any of these other spots were my go-
to market. Since checking these spots out I’ve really enjoyed heading to different parts of the city for my weekly shopping trips and
enjoying more of what the city has to offer. Take a look at this complete list of SF farmers markets and think about switching up your
routine next time your jonesing for some fresh fruits and veggies.

Click here to check out the info-graphic in it’s entirety.